Friday, March 18, 2016

QUICK TAKE REVIEW By Beverly Creasey Half Baked but Wholly Filling

If you remember THE MRS. POTATOHEAD show from their salad days, you’ll be rejoicing that Margaret Ann Brady and Dorothy Dwyer (and friends) are back with a “New Old” set of comedy sketches BUT it only runs through this weekend (March 19th). The ladies are up to their old tricks, this time at Charlestown Working Theater, with their in your face stand-up and sit-down brand of shenanigans. They’re joined for the musical bits by Lucy Holstedt and she’s even game for a few of the riotous comedy sketches.

 If you’re familiar with the dare I say feminist calypso number, it’s in there, with three times the bite. Dwyer predicts “you will be singing it later” and she’s not kidding, she who lived the seamy side of Irish step dancing. Yes, tough kids like Dwyer made mincemeat of their competition back in the day. (And she still performs, just for us, in every sense of the phrase.)

Brady shows off her sharp character work, first as a hardscrabble survivor in Afghanistan and then as a wild, sobered up, garrulous alcoholic, and more. (She turns the Max Burbank piece into a tour de force.) To paraphrase one of their pithy retorts, what these women can do with a few bricks and cardboard a left arm is truly remarkable. If you like your humor dark and a wee bit on the raw side, this potato mash-up will more than satisfy.