Monday, May 23, 2011

Dreamy DROWSY CHAPERONE By Beverly Creasey

I saw Turtle Lane Playhouse’s delightful version of THE DROWSY CHAPERONE this past weekend. Although they don’t have the fabulous Will McGarrahan (from the SpeakEasy show, also playing this month), the TLP production is full of heart – and some sensational choreography by Karen Fogerty (which outdazzles the SpeakEasy production, believe it or not!!!).

As they do at SpeakEasy, the tipsy chaperone and her Latin lover steal the show. Kate deLima is devilishly delicious and Peter Mill is equally hilarious as her confused swain, Aldolpho. The two comedians make the plot go round. It’s Jackie Theoharis’ wedding or non-wedding which provides the rest of the mayhem. Theoharis is spectacular in the show stopper, Show Off, showing off with a split as the number ends. WOW!

Tim McShea makes the fiancé role pop and when he’s on skates, he’s unstoppable. He and David Carney get a smart tap duet called Cold Feets. Joe Berry as the inverted Ziegfeld heads up the opposition to the marriage. Kira Cowan makes her short appearance count as the aviatrix who saves the day. The rest of the company, too, deliver like gangbusters…which reminds me: Jordan Greeley and Chas Kircher are daffy dancing thugs in the Damon Runyon mold. Kudos to Dan Dowling, Jr. and Howard Bowles for a production packed with energy and naughty, nostalgic charm.