Sunday, April 29, 2018

QUICK TAKE REVIEW By Beverly Creasey The Best Part of VALOUR

LOVE! VALOUR! COMPASSION! is Terrence McNally’s valentine to old friends, their pleasant company and above all, their resilience. Director David Miller’s jaunty production for Zeitgeist (playing through May 19th) makes the Tony Award winner seem as fresh as it did in 1995. The bitchy banter is still amusing, the quirky characters are still fascinating and the presence of AIDS is still … always …. heart wrenching.

The friends spend holidays together reminiscing, skinny dipping and occasionally wandering. Miller has a lovely cast with engaging performances from Brooks Reeves (as a know-it-all troublemaker AND his polar-opposite twin); From Jeremy Johnson as the wisecracking but always considerate “mother hen;” from David Anderson as the melancholy host whose dancing days are numbered and from Cody Sloan as the dancer’s blind young lover; From Joey C. Pelletier and Keith Foster, totally charming as the loving, stable married couple; with Michael J. Blunt as the brash interloper, happy to be the catnip in the garden of Eden.