Sunday, January 14, 2018

QUICK TAKE REVIEW By Beverly Creasey LOST and Found in Translation

There are a lot of smart plays about working class families but Take Your Pick Productions has found one with a nice kick for their second outing. (They scored last season with THE LITTLE DOG LAUGHED.) John Pollono’s LOST GIRLS (playing at the BCA through Jan. 21st) is ostensibly about a runaway teen who may be making the same mistake her mother (and her mother’s mother) made. The wiseacre grandmother (a formidable Christine Power) quips that they’re improving with every successive generation: Her mother was fourteen when she became pregnant; She herself was fifteen but her daughter waited until she was sixteen!

The dialogue is saucy and sardonicbut also sweet. A sixteen year old boy (a charming Zach Winston), in love for the first time, tells the object of his affection (the brassy Lesley Anne Moreau) that it feels like “chewing on an electric cable.” Director Melanie Garber has a spirited cast to deliver Pollono’s punches, chiefly Audrey Lynn Sylvia as the intractable mother of the runaway, a woman who does not want to accept help from her ex (an earnest Terrence P. Haddad) and least of all, from his cloying new wife (a very funny Lauren Foster).

You’ll find that Pollono’s script keeps you guessing, not going where you think it will, which is a treat nowadays when most new plays are predictable and shopworn. Lucky us. Thanks to Take Your Pick, we get to see the New England premiere!