Sunday, June 14, 2015


Emily Kaye Lazzaro’s THREE (playing through June 20th) is a naughty little comedy in the “Sex and the City” mold. Lazzaro writes lovely, sharp dialogue for three college roommates who experiment (none too successfully) with sex, alcohol and life.

The dramedy is divided into three parts (and a coda), each surrounding a life changing event, like graduation or marriage. The search for love and a place in the world yields lots of laughter and a few surprises. Director A. Nora Long’s smart production features a star turn by Sarah Elizabeth Bedard as the loud, randy roommate who uses liquor and sex to obliterate her loneliness; the charismatic Kelly Chick as the roommate who wonders if she’s a lesbian and can’t wait to reveal a secret; and the pert Tasia Jones whose wedding plans bring the three together again.

Lazzaro mines clever humor around the concept of a “wedding industrial complex” and she creates funny, sympathetic characters who stumble and get back up againbut the sexual subtext about consent in the play doesn’t really gel because we can’t believe it’s in that character’s make-up, at least the way she’s portrayed in Long’s production. (I don’t want to reveal plot points so I’ll just leave it there.)